Tips for Effective RV Cleaning

Cleaning your motorhome is an essential part of your next adventure, but getting around to it can be a chore. Luckily we have a few tips that will make cleaning your motorhome a breeze.

1). Use a Low-Pressure Washer

Using a high-pressure washer for your RV can actually cause more damage in the end. If you want to prevent damage to your cracks and seals, stick to a low-pressure washer.

2). Add Vinegar

If you have ever washed a motorhome, you know the challenge of trying to keep the finish streak free. Vinegar will help to prevent water streaks from forming on the paint, and will leave your windows and mirrors sparkling clean.

3). No Microfiber

Microfiber can actually damage the finish of your motorhome and even rub off the sealant. To prevent any damage in the long run, make sure to stick with cotton cloths.

4). Treat Your Tanks

Be sure to thoroughly wash both of your RV water tanks. Your black water tank will be the most important to keep clean, be sure to use an Enzyme based chemical to break down solids effectively.


Next time you feel the urge to clean your motorhome, keep these helpful tips in mind. If washing your motorhome still feels like a chore, ask our front desk about the RV washing service at Maple Grove RV.

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